Horoscopes, From Y! Astrology for my zodiac Sign for Today

"Someone who is far away is going to be on your mind today -- and you are on their mind as well. In fact, they've been thinking about you for a while now and are eager to get back in contact -- perhaps they've even started a game of phone tag with you. If so, today you need to make an extra effort to reconnect with them. Send an email or reserve time for a long phone call. Not all of the people from your past are meant to be left there."

End of Quotation


P.S. It's amazing, I actually got connected to the net with high hopes of seeing someone with whom I've not been in contact for a long time, I felt we might met on the net, you know it was not just that I felt, it was an strong feeling from inside... nothing happened, and miraculously yahoo instead of singing me in to my blog showed up in the Y! homepage where I could see the horoscope of the day,... It's a while I'm a believer of these signs and wonders, so I guess today is gooing to bring some special gifts to me, Lucky me!

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